About the Council

The Tualatin River Watershed Council is a watershed-stewardship organization that promotes and encourages sustainability and watershed-wise practices in Tualatin River watershed. The Council was formed in 1993 and is comprised of 23 stakeholder representatives.

The Council promotes sustainability and watershed-wise practices by connecting volunteers, friends groups, and landowners with resources to restore and protect the land; providing watershed stewardship education; sharing information on watershed conditions; and improving watershed health by implementing the Council’s 10-point Action Plan.

The Tualatin River Watershed Council is a locally organized, voluntary group, whose purpose is to:

  • foster better stewardship and understanding of the Tualatin River watershed resources,
  • address natural resource issues, and
  • ensure watershed health, function, and uses.

The Council’s strategic Plan focuses on four areas: education and outreach, restoration and enhancement, issues forum, and capacity building.