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Council Magnet

Council Magnet

One of the main goals of the Tualatin River Watershed Council is to get everyone involved in watershed health. We need the participation of homeowners, landowners, business people, students, and everyone to achieve the kind of watershed that we all want to live in.

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For recreational and education opportunities in the Tualatin Basin, check out the following web sites:
Jackson Bottom Wetlands Preserve
Tualatin Riverkeepers

Tree for All

Tree for All is a community partnership of cities, nonprofits, farmers, volunteers and others who have joined hands (and shovels) to plant more than five million native trees and shrubs along the Tualatin River and its tributaries.


Fernhill Wetlands Loop Trails Are Open Again

Fernhill Wetlands in Forest Grove has a new look as Clean Water Services transformed 90 acres of old sewage lagoons into natural treatment wetlands. Favorite trails that loop around the old ponds had been closed to visitors for their safety throughout construction. This Monday, the construction fences come down and visitors once again have access to all of Fernhill. Already the area looks vastly different, with 180 snags and root wads that were brought in to provide habitat for the hundreds of species of birds that flock to Fernhill. New berms and flow control structures soon will be overgrown by 750,000 native plants and 3.5 billion seeds that will grow into more diverse habitat for birds and wildlife. Eventually, the wetlands will cool and polish water after it has been cleaned at the Forest Grove Wastewater Treatment Facility. For more information and updates on the Fernhill project, please visit.

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For planting events in the Tualatin Basin, check out the following web sites:

For events in the Bridlemile area, check out the following website:
SW Neighborhoods Inc.

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