Just For Kids BeaverThese links lead to loads of activities and information geared for K-12 students interested in finding out more about watersheds and getting involved in watershed health.

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EPA Clean Water Act
A primary law that protects surface water in the United States is the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Clean Water Act.  To learn more about it 

Regional Water Providers Consortium
The Regional Water Providers’ Consortium created this special place to help everyone, especially kids, learn about how your water works. Here you’ll find an interactive map and quizzes to explore. There are fun activities to download and complete too. Enjoy and come back often to discover more about your water and how it works.
Projects, art, and experiments to involve kids and students with environmental protection from the U.S Environmental Protection Agency.
In this site from the Academy of Natural Sciences you can have fun learning about everything from how you can help save the environment, what different types of scientists work at the Academy, programs for Boy and Girl Scouts, overnight sleepovers with the dinosaurs, and discovering what fun and adventure awaits you at the Academy of Natural Sciences.


Courtesy Earth Day Canada

Courtesy Earth Day Canada
Earth Day Canada’s award-winning EcoKids web site– the centerpiece of the program — is an innovative, interactive environmental web site for children, their families, and educators in Canada and around the world.

USDA Forest Service Kids Resource Center links to a wide variety of information for kids and others.