Landowner Resources

Elmwood Carla telling folks about planitngThere are many organizations and groups that can help homeowners and landowners with restoration projects. From advice to grant money, you can find support for your efforts.


TRWC offers support for watershed issues as well as those applying for grants for many types of projects that will enhance watershed health.  Contact TRWC for more information.

Tualatin River Watershed Council Support Criteria 

The OWEB Small Grant Program is an easy-to-engage-in, competitive grant program that awards funds of up to $10,000 for on-the-ground restoration projects.  Please contact TRWC if you are interested in submitting a grant for a project located in the Tualatin River watershed for the 2013-2015 biennium.

Synopsis of 2013 2015 small grant program.

The following projects were funded by OWEB Small Grants
Bateman Creek OWEB Small Grant This is the culvert replacement project in the above pictures
Elmwood OWEB Small Grant  This was a riparian planting in a urban setting.
Upland Enhancement OWEB Small Grant This was an upland planting in a rural setting.

Landowner Resources

The Council has compiled a comprehensive list of of programs, including information on who is eligible, the type of assistance provided by each program, and contact information for land owners that can be used to improve conditions in the Tualatin River watershed.