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Steering CommitteeThis page is designed for members.  It contains documents and information that are used to conduct the business of the Council.

Member Roles and Responsibilities

Council Support Criteria and Process

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Council Celebrates its 20th Anniversary

Meeting Cancelation Policy

Financial Policies 

Personnel Information

Washington County Commissioners’ Resolutions Recognizing the Council (2004, 1997, 1996)

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee consists of the officers and several stakeholders who meet monthly to help guide the business operations of the Council.  They are responsible for the capacity building portion of the strategic plan.  The Steering Committee information by year on the right-hand sidebar has the monthly financial information as well as the Steering Committee agenda and minutes.

New Location:    Washington County Public Services Building, Room 140, 155 N 1st Ave, Hillsboro OR 98124

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