Tualatin River Watershed

Tualatin River Watershed

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The “red pins” are the locations of projects that have been written up on this web site.

The Tualatin River Watershed Council has been doing on-the-ground projects since 1996. It uses its Tualatin River Watershed Action Plan, Tualatin River Watershed Technical Supplement, sub basin reports (Upper Tualatin Scoggins Watershed Analysis 2000, Gales Creek Watershed Assessment 1998Dairy McKay Watershed Analysis 1999, Middle Tualatin Rock Creek Watershed Analysis 2001Lower Tualatin Watershed Analysis 2001, and other information to identify and prioritize project opportunities.

Partnering with other organizations such as the Tualatin Soil and Water Conservation District, Oregon Department of Forestry, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, Oregon Parks and Recreation Department, Clean Water Services, cities and many others the Tualatin River Watershed Council is able to to expand the resources available to support the projects.

The Council seeks funding from a variety of entities such as Oregon Water Enhancement Board, US Bureau of Reclamation, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, and Nature conservancy. By contracting with local companies, much of the money for the projects is funneled back into the local economy.

Project sizes and complexity vary from simple one season projects that might cost less than $10,000 to complex projects that take multiple years to plan, develop, permit and implement. These could cost over $100,000. All projects have both a cash and in-inkind component. The in-kind component is often met by volunteer work such as planting.

Please contact the Council if you have an idea for a project.  One of the tools we use to assess project proposals is our Project Support Criteria.