2014 Council Meetings

January 9 Meeting

Agenda, January 2014
Minutes, December 2013
Project Updates, December 2013
Urban Expansion Areas
Tigard River Terrace Plan
South Cooper Mountain Plan
South Hillsboro Plan
February 5 Meeting
Agenda, Feb 2014
Minutes, January 2014
Project Updates, January 2014
OWEB Guide to Council Capacity Grants
OWEB FAQs relative to Council Capacity Grants
March 5 Meeting
Agenda, March 2014
Minutes, February 2015
Project Updates, February 2014

April 2 Meeting
Agenda, April 2014
Minutes, March 2014
Project Updates, March 2014
Clean Water Services Tree For All
Videos for Presentation
May 7 Meeting
Agenda, May 2014
Minutes, April 2014
Project Updates, April 2014
Marketing and Funding Strategy
June 4 Meeting
Agenda, June 2014
Minutes, May 2014
Project Updates, May 2014
Flier for Integrated Watershed Resource Strategy, Place-based Planning in Oregon
Report on Integrated Watershed Resource Strategy, Place-based Planning in Oregon
IWRS Workshop
July 2 Meeting
Agenda, July 2014
Minutes, June 2014
Project Updates, June 2014
Marketing and Funding Strategy, Barney & Worth, Inc., June 2014
August 6 Meeting
Agenda, August 2014
Minutes, July 2014
Project Updates, July 2014
September 3 Meeting
Agenda, September 2014
Minutes were not taken at the August Council Picnic
Project Updates, August 2014
TRWC Bylaws with proposed modifications
TRWC Operating Procedures with proposed modifications
OWEB Capacity Grant Schedule
TRWC Stakeholder Responsibilities
TRWC OWEB 2013 - 2015 Work Plan Summary
Emerald Ash Borer Presentation
October 1 Meeting
Agenda, October 2014
Minutes, September 2014
Project Updates, September 2014
Bylaws Revision 2014
Operating Procedures Update 2014
Dairy Dell Creek, tributary of Fanno Creek Restoration Project
November 5 Meeting
Agenda, November 2014
Minutes, October 2014
Project Updates, October 2014
Metro Request for TRWC Input on Values for Parks and Natural Areas
Watermaster Presentation 11 6 2014
December 3 Meeting
Agenda, December 2014
Minutes, November 2014
Project Updates, November 2014
Portland Metro's own Freshwater Crustacean Species
Wapato for the People Part 1
Wapato for the People Part 2
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