2017 Council Meetings

January 4, 2017 Meeting
Agenda, January 4, 2017
Minutes, December 2016
Project Updates, November 2016
Tigard Stormwater Master Plan
February 1, 2017 Meeting
Agenda, February 2017
Minutes, January 2017
Project Updates, January 2017

Presentation 1
Oregon National Flood Insurance Program Biological Opinion and the Tualatin Basin

Technical Guidance: Oregon RPA for Floodplain Protection (NOAA Fisheries)
Reasonable and Prudent Alternative (RPA)
Errata to RPA
Washington County Flood Problems
Stormwater Requirement Summary (SLOPES V)

Presentation 2
Clean Water Services Design & Construction Standards
March 1, 2017 Meeting
Agenda, March 1, 2017
Minutes, February 2017
Project Updates, February 2017
Work Plan Summaries
Community Engagement
Organizational Development
April 5, 2017 Meeting
Agenda, April 2017
Minutes, March 2017
Project Updates, March 2017
Meeting Handouts
Capacity Committee Options
Interim Executive Director Role
NAO Services
NAO Interim Executive Director Benefits
May 3, 2017 Meeting
Agenda, May 2017
Minutes, April 2017
Project Updates, April 2017
USGS Presentation on Pesticides
Background Information
Pesticides in the Lower Clackamas River Basin, Oregon 2000-01
Scientific Investigative Report 2008-5027
Pesticide Occurrences and Distribution in the Lower Clackamas River Basin, Oregon 2000-2005

June 7, 2017 Meeting
Agenda, June 2017
Minutes, May 2017
May 2017 Project Updates
Wapato Lake National Wildlife Refuge Update
Background Information
Wapato Lake National Wildlife Refuge, Draft Environmental Assessment, May 2017
July 5, 2017 Meeting
Agenda, July 2017
Field Trip - No Minutes
Gales Creek Project Map
Gales Creek Project Pictures
August 2, 2017 Meeting
The August 2, 2017
Council Meeting 
Is canceled due to high heat
The potluck at the Tualatin River Farm is rescheduled to September 6, 2017
September 6, 2017 Meeting
Agenda, Sept 2017
Picnic - No minutes
October 4, 2017 Meeting
Agenda, October 2017
Minutes, June 2017
Project Updates, September 2017
Meeting Handouts
Cedar Mill Meeting Summary, 7/31/2017
Cedar Mill Project Summary, 8/11/2017
State of the Watershed Event Committee Report
November 1, 2017 Meeting
Agenda, November 2017
Minutes, October 2017
Project Updates, October 2017

Meeting Materials
Background for Discussion at TRWC
TRWC Mission and Goals
Final Report for TRWC
Board Responsibilities
TRWC Vision Proposal to Council
A guide to Nonprofit Board Service in Oregon
Organization Contact List
December 6, 2017 Meeting
Agenda, December 2017
Minutes, November 2017
Project Updates, November 2017
Meeting Presentation
Steering Committee Update by OWEB
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