Operating Documents

Vision Statement

A balanced ecosystem that supports a healthy watershed and provides for an economic base and viable communities.

Mission Statement

The Tualatin River Watershed Council proactively fosters better community stewardship and understanding of the Tualatin River Watershed resources, works to address issues and ensures resilient and sustainable watershed health, functions, and uses.


The bylaws governing the Council were adopted by the Council in October 2003 and amended in October 2014. Continue reading →

Operating Procedures

The original operating procedures that govern the Council were adopted in October 2003. They were amended in September 2012 and in October 2014. Continue reading →

Action Plan

The Council wrote an action plan in 1999 to guide the Council and Stakeholder efforts to improve environmental conditions in the Tualatin Watershed. In 2007 an assessment was done to determine progress being made by agencies toward implementation of the Action Plan.  Continue reading →

2019 – 2022 Strategic Plan

The 2019 – 2022 Strategic Plan was developed to guide the Council activities over the next three years.

Work Plan

Every two years, in conjunction with the OWEB Council Support grant, the Council develops a two-year work plan. This plan guides the activities of the Coordinator, the Council Committees, and the Council in general. The Council reports back to OWEB on its progress towards meeting the items on the work plan.