OWEB Council Capacity Grant Guidelines

In 2010 OWEB started a process to evaluate how it will allocate money to councils to support council activities.  At the time these grants were called Council Support Grants.  These grants will now be called Outcome-Based Watershed Council Capacity Grants (Capacity Grants).

The following documents were developed by OWEB and will govern the awarding of these grants starting with the 2015 -2017 cycle of grants.

Watershed Council Capacity Administrative Rule & Guidance Adoption, July 29-30, 2014 OWEB Board Meeting

Attachment A:  Rule Making Advisory Committee

Attachment B:  Council Capacity Grant Rulemaking Response to Public Comments

Attachment C:  Proposed Rules

Attachment D:  Proposed Guidance

Attachment E:  Council Capacity Grant Process (Flow Chart)

Attachment F:  Eligibility and Merit Criteria Overview

Attachment G:  June 2014 Map of Locally Recognized Watershed Councils

Attachment H:  2015 – 2017 Council Capacity Grant Schedule

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