Upper Gales LWD 2010 – 2012

Lower Pool Formation

Upper Gales Creek Large Wood Placement

September 2010 to March 2012

Fish Habitat Improvement

This project occurred on two upper Gales Creek main stem reaches near its confluence with the North Fork Gales Creek. These stream reaches lacked channel complexity that provides spawning and rearing habitat for native fish.

Lower placement

Over 170 whole trees were placed in selected areas to create pools and smaller additional channels. These will provide refugia areas for native fish and help retain gravels in this area of the stream system.
Six months following the large wood placement, native conifers were planted in riparian and uplands areas dis-turbed by the heavy equipment used to place the whole trees in the stream.

Upper Gales Creek Large Wood Placement Project – Detailed Map of site

More Information:
Two-Page Project Profile
OWEB Completion Report
Upper Reach Pictures
Lower Reach Pictures

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