The Farm Service Agency of the U.S. Department of Agriculture ensures the well-being of
American agriculture, the environment and the American public through efficient and equitable
administration of farm commodity programs; farm ownership, operating and emergency loans;
conservation and environmental programs; emergency and disaster assistance; domestic and
international food assistance and international export credit programs. The mission of the
Farm Service Agency (FSA) is to support American farmers through commodity programs,
farmer operating and emergency loans, conservation, domestic and overseas food assistance
and disaster programs that improve the economic stability of agriculture and the environment.
These programs help farmers produce an adequate food supply, assist farmers to compete for
export sales of commodities in the world marketplace, and keep consumer prices reasonable
while caring for the environment and natural resources.”

* Site contains info about the newsletter, the farm service agency, AG & AMTA programs,
conservation, farm loan programs, employment, news releases, market links, calendar of
events, forms, county office staff, partner agency links, press & media, commerce, country
living, and national websites.

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