The Regional Water Providers Consortium is committed to good stewardship of our region’s
water through conservation, emergency preparedness planning and water supply coordination.
The need for regional water supply coordination brought Consortium members together in
1997. Today, the group consists of 22 water providers and the regional government METRO.

The Consortium coordinates the implementation and revision of the Regional Water Supply
Plan, provides a forum for study and discussion of water supply issues, and communicates
adopted policy and strategies to the public, agencies, and stakeholder groups. The Consortium
promotes cost-efficient use, wise stewardship, and protection of our water resources with the
goal of meeting the values of our collective members and the needs of future generations

*Site includes brochures and pamphlets on water use and conservation, “how-to” videos, water
savings calculator, H2O House, water-wise plants, and water and energy conserving appliances.

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