The Oregon Association of Conservation Districts is a statewide membership organization
serving Oregon’s Soil and Water Conservation Districts and Water Control Districts. OACD’s
purposes are: To promote the conservation and wise use of the natural resources of the state
of Oregon by serving as the state association of member soil and water conservation districts
and water control districts; To serve as spokesman for those who are committed to the belief
that Oregon’s soil, water, air and renewable resources must be used in accordance with the
needs of the people of the state while maintaining a quality environment and a productive

economy; To cooperate with public and private organizations with similar purposes towards
the adoption of statewide policies and programs that will effectively contribute to a quality
environment and a productive economy; and to inform the public of the value of soil and water
conservation, flood prevention, proper land use planning, orderly economic development,
recreation development, fish and wildlife enhancement and other benefits.

* Site contains info about OACD resources, board of directors, conservation districts, soil & water conservation commission, conservation partnerships, calendar of events, OACD newsletters, job listings, related links, news, policies, Oregon natural resources, and OACD

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