Tualatin River Rapid Bio-Assessment, Summer 2013


Scuba mask and fish

Bio-Surveys, LLC conducted snorkel surveys to determine the distribution and abundance of juvenile salmonids in 138.2 miles of Gales Creek, Upper Tualatin River, and the Dairy-McKay Creek watersheds in the summer of 2013 and 91.8 miles of Gales, East Fork Dairy, Rock, McFee, Heaton, and Chicken creeks in 2014.  The data collected is for informational purposes only and does not require the landowners to change any of their land management practices.  The information will help the Council prepare meaningful restoration plans when they seek grants to improve habitat on willing landowner’s property.

Tualatin River, Rapid Bio-Assessment 2013 & 2014 Final Report, September 2015

Tualatin River Rapid Bio-Assessment 2013, Final Report, May 2014

2013 Fish Species and Distribution Maps

Information about how to use the interactive Web Maps

2013 Tualatin Basin RBA Web Maps

2013 and 2014 Tualatin RBA Web Maps

2013 Power Point Presentation

2014 Power Point Presentation

You Can Help Fish Thrive on Your Property

Overview of 2013 Snorkel Survey


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