Creative Solutions to Working with Beavers in Urban Environments

January 30th, 2024 from 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Hillsboro Downtown Station / Get Directions

Join us in learning about the vital role beavers play in the Tualatin River watershed for clean water and fire resiliency. This event, presented in collaboration with the the Wetlands Conservancy and the Tualatin River Watershed Council, promises to be an invaluable resource for understanding and addressing the unique challenges posed by beavers in urban environments.


Megan Garvey - Stewardship Director, Tualatin River Watershed Council:
Megan Garvey, in her role as Stewardship Director for the Wetlands Conservancy, manages properties in the Portland metro area and on the north coast, with a focus on wetland management. Megan will contribute valuable insights into community science and education programs, emphasizing the significance of building stronger connections between people and nature. Her perspective will be particularly relevant to understanding the broader ecological impact of beavers in urban landscapes.

Antonella Fillet - Project Manager, Tualatin River Watershed Council

Antonella brings a wealth of experience as the Project Manager for the Tualatin River Watershed Council. With a focus on in-stream restoration projects, Antonella has spent the last three years navigating the complexities of habitat restoration within the Tualatin basin. Her unique perspective includes both the wonders and challenges associated with having beavers on the landscape. Antonella is eager to share innovative solutions to facilitate peaceful cohabitation with these industrious creatures.

Attendees will learn about the practical implications of having beavers as neighbors and explore effective strategies to mitigate potential impacts on landscaping and infrastructure. Join us for an enlightening session as we delve into the collaborative efforts to coexist with beavers, ensuring a sustainable and balanced urban ecosystem for everyone involved.

The event will take place in a covered and heated outdoor space. Food & Beverage will be available for purchase. 

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