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The Council was formed in 1993 and is comprised of 23 stakeholder representatives that promote sustainability and watershed-wise practices by connecting volunteers, friends groups, and landowners with resources to restore and protect the watershed. Click for more information 

The Council produced a power point presentation that describes the Tualatin Basin and the Council.
It is all About the Water

The Council produces annual reports to share its activities with the public.

TRWC 2017 – 2018 Annual Report
Annual Report Archive

What is a Watershed Council?

The 1995 Oregon Legislature unanimously passed House Bill 3441 that provides guidance in establishing watershed councils, and clarifies that formation of a council is a local government decision, with no state approval required. Watershed councils are locally organized, voluntary, non-regulatory groups established to improve the conditions of watersheds in their local area.  Click for more information

Benefit to Communities

Because watershed councils are comprised from local communities, they have the local knowledge and relationships to maximize efforts to protect their environments.  Click for more information

What Does a Watershed Council Do?

Local watershed councils are highly effective in planning, development, and implementation of projects to maintain and restore the biological and physical process in watersheds for the sustainability of their communities.  Click for more information

Watershed Council and Soil Water Conservation District Partner Newsletter, Summer 2015

More Information About Watershed Councils:

Learn more about watershed councils at the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board (OWEB) website: www.oregon.gov/OWEB.


The Council is a member of the Network of Oregon Watershed Councils which supports the activities of the Councils in Oregon.  More information is available at their web site: www.oregonwatersheds.org.